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A list of recommended books, for further knowledge!


English and Welsh versions of orcharding leaflets


We maintain a small library of books, especially those providing historical accounts, inventories and descriptions of traditional varieties. These are useful for identification work, and are available to borrow…


Traditional varieties of Apples and Pears are obtainable from specialist nurseries. As demand is, unfortunately, low you may need to have particular varieties grafted to order (and accept the time delay that this means). We have prepared an updated list of suppliers of varieties of apples and pears (including cider apples and perry pears) traditional to the Welsh Marches and some beyond. Other fruits are not ignored either.

Orchards and Biodiversity

The importance of orchards goes beyond just apples…

Sister Organisations

There are many Orchard Groups throughout the UK with objects similar to ours, and more local groups.


Access to our newsletters, many interesting articles to look through

A contents list of articles and where to find them in our Newsletters and News Sheets.