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About Us

The Marcher Apple Network started life as a group of apple enthusiasts keen to revive old varieties of apples and pears. Since then MAN has become a charity which strives to protect these varieties in a number of different ways.

We have our own heritage orchards that house rare and varieties form the Welsh marshes. We ensure that we have several copies of each variety so that the unique characteristics of identified varieties is preserved.


Marcher Apple Network (MAN) was formed in December 1993. It arose from an initiative by the Countryside Council for Wales to ascertain the extent and distribution of traditional orchards in trials areas in Wales, and to assess their conservation value.


To provide expertise for the identification of apples. To plant and maintain orchards stocked with traditional and rare apple and pear varieties (including cider apple) from the Welsh Marches which will provide a valuable gene bank, enabling identification and further propagation.

Varieties in Orchards

During MAN’s 30 years in existence over 50 varieties have been rediscovered that had been thought extinct. In total over 330 culinary and dessert local apple varieties have now been identified, and nearly another 100 are currently being investigated, almost certainly resulting in more “finds”.


Our Articles allow for up to eleven Trustees. The current Trustees are as listed.

Legal Stuff

We are a Registered Charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee. Our registration numbers, Memorandum and Articles of Association and latest Annual Report and accounts are available here.