Reviving the Old Apple and Pear Varieties in the Southern Marches.

A Butt Pear from The Herefordshire Pomona.


Marcher Apple Network - MAN for short - was founded in December 1993 when a group of eight apple and pear enthusiasts first met with the idea of forming a society for reviving old varieties of apples and pears. Since then MAN has grown to around 300 members, obtaining charitable status in December 2002. MAN now is involved in many different activities from keeping MAN's own orchards, which preserve old varieties, through attendance at many shows during the autumn where the identification service proves very popular. MAN life vice-president, Ray Boddington, has written a more detailed Background to MAN and the latest trustees annual report is available for download.

On this website there is a diary of apple and pear related Events, mostly local to the Marches but some of national significance. Pictures from some of these can be found in the Photograph Gallery. For those of you with an orchard, or planning to establish an orchard, there is the Information Centre where you can find all sorts of information on books, nurseries, orcharding courses, grants etc. A taster is also included of MAN's Research activities. Finally there are details of the benefits (and costs) of Membership.

This website, like our apple and pear trees, is developing slowly. Why don't you visit us again and see what has changed? (All changes are recorded in the Website History).

MAN would like to thank Herefordshire Council and Environment Wales for their support for our activities.

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