Reviving the Old Apple and Pear Varieties in the Southern Marches.

Pear Aylton Red from The Herefordshire Pomona.

Vintage Fruit - Cider Apples and Perry Pears

A Brief History

Following the warm reception accorded to their CD of The Herefordshire Pomona, the MAN Pomona Project committee turned their attention to the task of making the rare, expensive or inaccessible publications on British cider and perry varieties available on CD. The committee wanted to include all the classic descriptions, section drawings and colour plates of cider apples and perry pears to be found in five major publications: The Pomona Herefordiensis, The Apple and Pear as Vintage Fruits, Perry Pears, Cider Apples and their Characters, and Bulmer’s Pomona.

The Pomona Herefordiensis, also known as Knight’s Pomona, was published in 1811; The Apple and Pear as Vintage Fruits, edited by Robert Hogg and Henry Graves Bull, and also known as Hogg and Bull, was published in 1886 for the Woolhope Naturalists’ Field Club of Hereford. This publication uses revised and updated cider and perry text from The Herefordshire Pomona which was published one year earlier, so we have included the relevant plates from the Pomona which relate to the cider apples and perry pears described in Vintage Fruits as well.

After these two nineteenth century classics, there follows work on cider apples and perry pears which was originated by Long Ashton Research Station, University of Bristol, in the 1950s and 60s. The work consisted of studies by Ray Williams, for thirty five years a cider pomologist at the station, of the characters of cider apples and perry pears growing in the counties of the West Midlands and also, in the case of cider apples, in those of the South West. The work resulted in a series of papers, which appeared throughout the 1950s and 60s, published in the Annual Reports of Long Ashton Research Station In the case of the papers on perry, these papers were collected into the volume entitled Perry Pears, and coloured photographs of some of the pears described were included as well.

The final publication included on this CD is Bulmer’s Pomona. This was published in 1987 to mark the centenary of the cider maker H P Bulmer Ltd of Hereford. This work includes colour plates, sections and descriptions of thirty-five cider apple varieties.

Detailed Contents

On the Vintage Fruit CD you will find

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System Requirements etc.

The Vintage Fruit CD is a "website on a CD" so your computer will need a CD drive. No additional software will need to be installed on your computer. The colour plates are quite large and so will be best viewed on a large (high resolution) screen. On smaller screens you will need to scroll to see all of each plate.

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