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If you have apples that you would like MAN to identify for you, particularly if you live in or near the Welsh Marches region or think the varieties come from this region, please do send them in!

Identification has traditionally been by morphological description: visual inspection of the characteristics and tasting it, assessing texture, and, for cookers, sometimes how it cooks.
This is a very important part of MAN’s work and can lead to discovering lost varieties.

Discovered Varieties

Since 1993 more than 30 varieties of old dessert and cooking apples have been refound.

More often ‘lost’ varieties have surfaced by visitors bringing in unknown apples for identification at Apple Day events.
Identification can be a lengthy process and involve taking scions from an old tree and grafting young ones that can be grown on and studied in one of our museum orchards.

We are still on the look out for interesting ‘new’ finds…

DNA Analysis

Find out about MAN’s recent DNA research on hundreds of varieties, and the interesting results…