Reviving the Old Apple and Pear Varieties in the Southern Marches.

A Butt Pear from The Herefordshire Pomona.

The MAN Photograph Gallery

MAN attends many events throughout the year. Here we have selected a few highlights over the years to show MAN in action. (The pictures are somewhat larger than used elsewhere on the website and so may take longer to load).

MAN chairman Peter Austerfield handing over cider apple pictures to Whitecross School on 12th January, 2007

MAN members discussing the apple display at the 2006 AGM.

In April 2005 the majority of The Pomona Committee members were photographed as part of the publicity drive for the The Herefordshire Pomona CD.

On February 12th 2005 MAN members formed part of a work-party to plant trees at Turnastone Court. Here are some of the Committee Members and here is a sequence showing the construction of a stock-proof cage.

Ray Boddington and Tom Froggatt On December 12th, 2004 MAN held its first members Open Day at the Herefordshire Cider Museum to view the original watercolours of The Herefordshire Pomona. For pictures of this event see Open Day, 2004.

The apple display at the 2003 AGM. Also, at the AGM, MAN member, Clarance Attfield, donated a copy of the Bulmer's Pomona to MAN.

Sheila Leitch at the Smallholders' Show 2003. MAN Network Co-ordinator at the Smallholder Show 2003

Paul Davis demonstrating restorative pruningMAN runs several orcharding courses. Here we have pictures from December 7th 2002 when MAN ran a restorative Pruning Course for old orchards.
Cider Blossom at an orchard near Glasbury-on-Wye, Powys.

On December 3rd 1998 MAN had a group Apple Planting day.

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