Reviving the Old Apple and Pear Varieties in the Southern Marches.

Pear Aylton Red from The Herefordshire Pomona.

Marcher Apple Network Membership

Marcher Apple Network has been formed by a group of people living in and around the Welsh Marches, who are interested in trying to ensure that as many as possible of the old varieties of apples and pears are rescued from extinction, and stimulating public interest in them. This we aim to do in the following ways:-

  1. By offering assistance in identifying old varieties.
  2. By obtaining propagating material and producing new trees of old varieties.
  3. By advising on old varieties suitable for different situations.
  4. By establishing orchards where specimen trees of uncommon varieties may be planted and managed.
  5. By organising events that celebrate and encourage the revival of interest in traditional fruit varieties, and heighten awareness of all aspects of pomology.

To achieve these aims we need more people who are interested in becoming involved and lending support. To keep members up-to-date, we produce an annual Newsletter and hope to send out a brief News Sheet occasionally. If you would like to join us please download a membership application form as a Word document or as a PDF .

You can also EMail the membership secretary . . .

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