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Reviving the Old Apple and Pear Varieties in the Southern Marches.

Apple and Pear Links and Addresses

MAN try to include all links and addresses of relevance within the Marcher Counties and the more significant national links. If you think you should have a link here then please contact the Webmaster. If you find a link is no longer valid or the information against the link is out of date please let the webmaster know.

Nurseries which supply traditional varieties are listed separately.

Courses are listed separately.


Can you catch apples? Try this online game.

The CAMRA Cider and Perry pages. Also the Herefordshire Cider Makers from the Herefordshire local CAMRA group.

In 1991 Ali Khan and Julian Vincent investigated the best way to pack apples in boxes and reduce bruising. Find out more at Great Moments in Science - Apple stacking.

The national apple collection is maintained by Brogdale Collections at Faversham in Kent. The list of apples in their collection (many with photographs of specimens and sections).

Brome Farm Cider near Peterstowe not only make their own cider but also provide cream teas and have a licensed restaurant.

Bulmers has now been taken over by Scottish and Newcastle and now Heineken. Their websites are undergoing significant changes as a result. In October 2003 there was still the main corporate site and "placeholders" for their individual brands Scrumpy Jack, Strongbow and Woodpecker. Bulmers Organic has disappeared as has their "customer relationship" site - the Cider Surfers Arms. It included descriptions of apples, cider making, old cider glasses (which were something to drool over) etc. on the Noticeboard.

After a long time trying here at last is a website devoted to cidermats. You cannot say that MAN does not try to provide you with variety!

Cider Making Jargon is explained in an article by Michael Quinion on his "Investigating International English" site.

The Cider Museum, Hereford is at 21 Ryelands Street, Hereford HR4 0LW. This is an obvious place to start on the Herefordshire Cider Tour. The museum also houses the Archive of Cider Pomology whose database of over 3000 documents went on-line in November 2012. You can search the database and there are a number of documents which may be downloaded.

Information about Maria Christodoulou’s investigation into commercial apple identification can be found here and in this Blog

Common Ground organise the annual national "Apple Day" as well as providing information, books etc. They have information on Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire and Worcestershire orchards.

The Cumbrian Apple Project with the results of their orchard survey.

Customs and Excise for "Notice 162 - Cider and Wine Production" with details of excise duty on cider and wine, how to register and how to claim for exemption from registration by a maker of cider or perry for sale. (Notice 162 is a pdf file). The UK duty rates on cider and perry are also here.

DEFRA have information on the EU Protected Food Name Scheme which has been operating since 1993. Much as French wines may be labelled "Apellation Controlee" so it is possible, within the EU, to have Regional and Local Food Names which are classified as Protected Designation of Origin - PDO - or Protected Geographical Indication - PGI. Herefordshire cider, Worcestershire cider, Gloucestershire cider and Herefordshire perry, Worcestershire perry and Gloucestershire perry have all been registered under the PGI heading whilst Welsh cider and traditional Welsh perry have been registered under PDO.

Norman and Ann Stannier devised Dragon Orchard Cropsharers to "offer a unique opportunity to share in the life and abundance of an orchard". Contact Norman and Ann through their website or write to them at Dragon Orchard, Putley, Ledbury, Herefordshire HR8 2RG. Tel 01531 670071 Fax 01531 670811.

Dunkertons Cider Mill and Cider House Restaurant. Dunkertons cider is entirely organic cider. Another cidermaker on the Herefordshire Cider Trail.

The English Farm Cider Centre near Lewes, Sussex. Probably the best collection of draught ciders and perries for sale in the UK.

The Food Standards Agency for all sorts of information and guidance including

An on-line fruit identification project has been started by the East of England Fruit Group at

Gillian Grafton's cider pages had not been updated for several years (since May 1996 in fact) but contained an absolute wealth of information. Paul Gunningham has now taken over and is bringing the information up to date. (The link is to the new location for the site).

The Gloucestershire Orchard Group specialise in Gloucestershire apples. Their list of local apples is particular noteworthy and, apart from having character entities in filenames, this is a superb example of how to show apple varieties on the internet.

For Grafting knives, grafting tape, grafting wax, rootsocks and pretty well anything related to grafting try Tree Grafting Supplies (who can also be found on eBay).

Greggs Pit Cider and Perry specialise in perry, winning the Big AppleBig Apple ( Trials six times since 1996.

Hamstead Brewing Centre have a great range of wine and fruit pressing and crushing equipment from table top to semi commercial sizes.

Perry pears have been grown near Hartpury (in Gloucestershire) for many years.

HDRA is Europe's largest organic organisation.

The Hereford Cider Route. The 2012 route lists twelve cider and perry makers and apple juicers open to the public as well as two specialist retailers of ciders, perries and apple juices. Heaven!

Hindlip College ciders and perries. Core Food and Drink has closed down so this is now, unfortunately, somewhat historic.

The Hop Pocket Wine Company at The Hop Pocket Craft Centre, New House Farm, Bishops Frome, Herefordshire WR6 5BT seems to have a wider range of bottled ciders and apple juices every time one visits them.

The website of the Isle of Wight Orchard Group is mainly about apple identification and includes lovely drawings of most of the varieties described. Whilst it only covers apples from the Isle of Wight many of these apples have a much wider distribution and so are of interest along the Marches.

Learn more about Masticating Juicers at Juicer Lab.

Sarah Juniper, the apple factor, from Dursley, Gloucester has an extensive list of apples she will graft to order.

Jus bottle single variety apple juices made from locally grown apples. They will also press and bottle small quantities of your own fruit.

Leominster Morris Wassail For about the last 30 years Leominster Morris have been Wassailing orchards in Herefordshire. Always on Twelfth Night and sometimes on other days as well, details can be found on the Events list.

Ludlow Marches Food & Drink Festival is an annual three day celebration of food and drink. There is a feast of mouthwatering events including competitions, cookery demonstrations, produce market, sausage trail and marquees bursting with the very best regional food and drink producers. Many producers of cider, perry and apple juice will be present.

In 2008 Megan Lynch visited MAN at the Herefordshire Food Festival and took pictures of the apple display.

Minchews Cider Minchews, the Gloucestershire cider and perry maker.

For information about mistletoe try and

The catalogue for mushroom growers - the mushroom dryer can also, apparently, be used for drying apples and pears.

The National Association of Cider Makers. These are the "big boys" of the industry (although the smaller local cider makers do get a voice through the Three Counties Cider and Perry Makers Association). The site uses Flash but there are some links for royalty-free photographs.

The National Online Orchard Marketplace enables the buying and selling of surplus fruit and other orchard related produce such as trees, skills, courses and equipment. Items can also be given for free.
Each year, a vast amount of fruit is left to rot on the ground in traditional orchards, gardens and other land. While it is an important food source for wildlife, much goes to waste. This surplus fruit could be utilized by both amateur and professional juice, cider and perry makers, by community groups, schools, kitchens and restaurants. Please start posting!

If you want to plant your own trees then various Nurseries can supply traditional varieties.

Olivers Cider and Perry - Craft producers of fine and distinctive Herefordshire ciders and perries; in bottle and draught.

Orchard growing in the city of Worcester, a report from 1999.

Orchard Hive and Vine for mail order bottled cider and perry.

Orchard Network for details of the Habitat Action Plan (HAP) group for Traditional Orchards - a partnership of organisations working together for the conservation of Traditional Orchards as a wildlife habitat.

The People’s Trust for Endangered Species - PTES - have been mapping traditional orchards.

Traditionally picking up apples has been a back breaking task. This handy gadget from looks as though it will save a lot of bending over. And if it does not work in the long grass then you can use it for tennis balls instead!

Apples Herefordshire Pomona There are many websites from which you can buy posters showing apples. AllPosters not only includes a wide selection (of about 100) but also includes a poster of one of the plates in the Herefordshire Pomona. (This poster measures 16" x 20"). Feedback on experience with this site would be welcome.

The Powys Orchard Project are interested to know how people are getting on with fruit growing in our beautiful, but damp land. We think the people and wildlife of Powys could benefit from the planting of more orchards. But successful fruit growing takes careful planning and it seems that more advice is needed. The results of an online survey where people entered info about the health of their trees and their experiences in managing an orchard have now been published. Growing Fruit in Powys provides information on the performance of a range of fruit tree varieties, specifically in Powys - thus helping local nurseries decide which trees to propagate and orchardists which to plant. We are also assessing orchard management systems and their effects on production and environmental/wildlife value, as well as what makes an orchard work for it’s manager economically or as a hobby.

RHS Prints can supply a number of fruit prints in various sizes and finishes. There are a number of Hooker prints from around 1810-1820 and several plates from the Herefordshire Pomona. The choice has grown over time and currently includes more plates of pears than of apples.

The SAVE Foundation acts as European umbrella organization for the promotion and coordination of activieties for the conservation of endangered breeds of domestic animals and cultivated plant varieties in the form of live populations.

Shropshire Apple Trust, based in the Ironbridge Gorge, is fully constituted voluntary community group with the aim of promoting apple culture in as wide a sense as possible. The Trust is open to anyone who cares about promoting apple culture and is particularly concerned to promote community involvement through the end-use of apples, huge quantities of which simply go to waste each year through neglect and exasperation in not knowing what do with the fruit from gardens, old orchards etc. The Trust aims to inform people about juice, pasteurizing, cidermaking, cider vinegar making and a host of other related issues and has restored a beautiful 1-ton 19C Herefordshire twin-screw press which is used as the centrepiece of the annual Apple Day in Coalbrookdale in the Ironbridge Gorge - always the 2nd Saturday in October.

Shropshire Prune Damsons Mind the illegible black text on a dark damson purple background but here you can find out lots about Shropshire Prune Damsons. Well, no you can’t as the website had a short life before disappearing. Please let me know if another interesting damson website appears.

Historical Notes and Juicy Quotes relating to the History of Cider and Somerset.

Another lost site! Sunshine Imports were (are?) an American importer of Blackthorn Cider and Perry. Their histories of cider and perry making were (are?) amusing if somewhat tongue-in-cheek.

The Taynton Squash Perry pear.

The Three Counties Cider and Perry Association covers Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire.

Tom Adams is an orchardist living in North Shropshire. As well as having a small apple nursery, renovating and planting up new orchards up and down the Welsh border he writes articles for the MAN Newsletter.

The UK Cider and Perry site. They have several good links pages (even if they do use Flash). You can read all past discussions from the ukcider list by ploughing through the messages on the public archive at

All manner of pressing, bottling and filtering equipment is available from Vigo Ltd in Devon. Not just for cider making but for juicing as well. Vigo can be contacted by EMail at or directly at Dunkswell Airfield, Dunkeswell, Honiton, Devon, EX14 4LF, England. Tel: 01404 890 262 Fax: 01404 890 263.

Wade Taunton Loving Cup The traditional mug for drinking cider is two-handled - often called a "loving cup". Taunton Cider have a collection of old cider mugs and several have been reproduced in limited editions by Wade. These are themselves now collectable and can often be found for auction on Ebay.

The Tidnor Wood Orchard Trust was set up in 2003 by Mr Henry May. It holds a collection of cider apple trees, a museum and gene bank and is a superb habitat for indigenous flora and fauna. (Tidnor is an ancient hamlet a couple of miles from Hereford).

The Welsh Cider Society for everything to do with Welsh cider.

Westons the Herefordshire cider and perry makers at Much Marcle are also on the Herefordshire Cider Route - in fact the largest cider maker on the route. Westons includes a Visitors Centre, a shop (where 35 varieties of cider and perry may be tasted), the bottle museum (believed to be the largest in Europe) and the Harry Weston Garden. There are daily tours, with cider tasting and also on site is the Scrumpy House Restaurant and Bar (with a perry and five ciders on draught and a wide selection bottled, not just from Westons).

Wildlife trusts have a interest in old orchards, particularly orchards with standard trees, for their wildlife and conservation value. The local trusts in the Southern Marches are ..

The Wittenham Hill Cider Portal. Andrew Lea's comprehensive site which takes a scientific view of cider making. Andrew keeps this site up to date.

Wye College National Fruit Collections. Maintenance and development of the UK National Fruit Collections is funded by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) as part of its research strategy for the conservation of plant genetic resources. Imperial College at Wye is responsible for the scientific development of the Collections and Brogdale Horticultural Trust is responsible for their maintenance. UK National Fruit Collection Catalogues (which includes apples and pears). The catalogues are ZIP'd spreadsheets in Microsoft EXCEL format.

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