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Reviving the Old Apple and Pear Varieties in the Southern Marches.

The Marcher Apple Network Information Centre

This part of the MAN website is devoted to information to help you enjoy the distinctive local varieties of apples and pears found within the Marches.

There are various Leaflets on orcharding (including some in Welsh) which you may download.

Books are available on all aspects of apples and pears - not just on orcharding but, to name a few subjects, identification of traditional varieties, cooking apples and pears (exceedingly important!) and customs and traditions related to apples and pears. Unfortunately many books are old, out of print and difficult to get hold of, even from public libraries. MAN has a Library for use by members.

If you want to plant your own trees then various Nurseries can supply traditional varieties. Setting up new orchards and looking after old orchards does cost money. Sometimes Grants are available to support traditional orcharding. Courses also enable you to build up your orcharding (and related) skills.

Local Orchards which may be open for visits allow you to see how different varieties develop and grow.

Throughout the year many Events are held. Where MAN will be officially present this is noted.

MAN keeps a list of Links to websites of similar interest. These are mainly related to the Marches but sites of national significance outside the Marches are also included.

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